Our Story

Vinny and Moraima met in Belize in 2010 and were married on San Pedro Island, Belize in 2012. Vinny had noticed that Moraima rarely wore high heels when just about all of her girlfriends wore them often. She said it was because they hurt too much and refused to be in pain over heels, even though she loves her shoes. From the desire of a husband wanting to find a solution for his wife, Attrenti was born.

Attrenti has created a fashionable yet comfortable high heel shoe.  In addition, Attrenti is all American made, from fabrics to manufacturing, with the exception of the Swarovski crystal made in Austria.  Women will be offered a high-quality shoe that will fit their feet and budget at the same time! A great social shoe with an even greater social impact on women’s lives. Women evolve to many things in their lives, their shoes should evolve with them.

We will expand our colors and styles in 2018, including a 2 ½” shoe base option. Currently we are taking a conservative approach to selling our shoes to control inventory and production in an efficient way so as to reduce material waste.  We believe in being a sustainable and ecologically responsible product so that we are not needlessly mass producing which adds to textile waste.

We are looking for additional investors to help us fast track our shoe production. Our angel investors are principal owners of the SF Giants baseball team, they immediately understood the licensing potential our shoes can offer to women. We are happy to field any investor inquiries for potential investment.

Please email us info@attrenti.com