Attrenti FAQs

Are you going to sell other heel heights?

Yes, we plan on offering a 2.5” heel base and heels in 2021.

How do I determine my shoe and strap size?

Please watch our Rail System video on our Home page for a demonstration. If you are for example, normally a size 8 then buy a size 8 shoe base and straps. We do not make wide sizes however if you are only slightly wide you can try going up half a size 8 ½ in straps for some extra room.

Why don’t you use real leather for straps?

We believe in cruelty free materials and the synthetic alternative materials we use have similar if not better performance. Read more about Majilite materials here.

Do you sell in stores?

We do not sell in any retail stores, this helps us to keep the price down. Many retail stores need to mark-up the price for them to make a profit as well. We prefer to keep the price as low as possible so that women with almost any budget can afford them.


What is the shoe base made of?

The shoes and heels are made of high end thermoplastic polymer that provide long term durability.

Do you sell customer information?

No, in fact we don’t store your payment information either. With each purchase you will have to re-enter your card information when checking out.