Ten years ago we set out to create the most advanced high heel shoe for women made in the USA. People in the industry said it would cost a small fortune because the majority of all shoe brands are made overseas but we are making it happen at affordable price for women.

At Attrenti we had many goals in mind, design a comfortable shoe that is still sexy without giving up style and not break the bank. It wasn’t easy but we did it. The vast majority of shoe brands decide how to make their product as cheaply as possible overseas and sell it for as much as women are willing to pay for it. They have to manage from a very long distance, customs, shipping logistics and months later it arrives but many of them experience a multitude of problems with overseas manufacturers. The manufacturing landscape has changed drastically and many technologies like 3D printing and automation processes are making more American made products affordable.

50 US manufacturers in 17 states are involved in the development of this incredible shoe. Only one company is not American made, the Swarovski crystal but we don’t think women would disagree with this. It may not be common for a new brand to work with so many vendors but again, our goal is to create a high quality American made shoe. 

The textile industry, which includes apparel and shoes, is the second largest contributor to global pollution and landfills. Learn more FFC.  Our goal is to be part of the solution. Our vendors and manufacturers work with greener methods and materials to produce vegan and cruelty free products, including our shoes. 

All our vendors take pride in bringing an American made product to women and the positive social impact it makes.

 Attrenti, a great American made shoe!


Check Out List of American Manufacturers

Conceptual Shoe Design & Prototype Services

Proof of Concept Inc.                                              Vancouver, WA


Fathom                                                                    Oakland, CA


Atypical Products                                                    San Francisco, CA


Autodesk®                                                               San Rafael, CA


Techshop                                                                 Redwood City, CA


Stratasys                                                                  Valencia, CA


ProtoLabs®                                                             Plymouth, MN


Shapeways                                                              New York City, NY 


Jones & Vining                                                         Brockton, MA


Dan-Mar Tools & Supply Co Inc.                              San Carlos, CA


Shoe pattern and straps

Luciano Andrade                                                      Los Angeles, CA


KLM Orthotics                                                          Valencia, CA


Video, photography and web development

Rory Vincent Media                                                  San Mateo, CA


BrandThumb                                                            Tampa, FL


Blanc Communications Public Relations                 San Francisco, CA


Seed CMS                                                               Costa Mesa, CA


Vox Magneta                                                            Santa Rosa, CA



Manufacturers - Shoe Production

Baker Stamping                                                       Wilder, KY


Bokers Inc                                                                Minneapolis, MN


Diversified Plastics                                                   Minneapolis, MN


Goodyear Rubber                                                    Rancho Cucamonga, CA


JHP Fasteners                                                         Walker, MI


Newcomb Spring                                                     Thornton, CO


RTP                                                                          Winona, MN 


Shamrock Inter Fasteners                                        Itasca, IL


Smalley                                                                    Lake Zurich, IL


Smith Metals Products                                            Center City, MN


Spirol                                                                       Danielson, CT


SuperTap                                                                 Doral, FL


Team Vantage                                                          Forest Lake, MN


Thermotech                                                             Hopkins, MN


VistaTek                                                                   Stillwater, MN


Manufacturers - Insole Production

Lyn Flex West                                                          Owensville, MO


Rogers Corp (Poron)                                                Rogers, CT


Sorbothane                                                              Kent, OH


Velcro                                                                       Manchester, NH


Embellishments and materials


Swarovski                                                                Cranston,RI


Majilite                                                                     Dracut, MA


ArtVac                                                                      Lincoln, RI


Stimpson Co., Inc.                                                   Pompano Beach, FL


LBU, Inc.                                                                   Passaic, NJ


The Beadery                                                             Hope Valley, RI


Shoe Box Manufacturers

Liberty Carton                                                          Golden Valley, MN


Larkin Industries                                                      St. Paul, MN


Minnesota Label                                                      Vadnais Heights, MN 


KURZ Transfer Products, L.P.                                  Charlotte, NC


Crown Roll Leaf                                                       Paterson, NJ


Sappi                                                                        Cloquet, MN


Shipping & Fulfillment Services

Skybridge Americas                                                 Greenfield, MN


Rise                                                                          Spring Lake Park, MN


General Delivery Service                                          Minneapolis, MN