We have designed an embedded insole comfort system with approximately a ½ inch of padding. Most high heels shoes have a very small amount of padding maybe 2mm and as we all know it breaks down very quickly, and you can barely even feel it.. After a few wears it breaks down and you’re left with a hard insole. The top of the insole is covered with NovaSuede, a distinctive material that possesses the luxurious look and feel of fine kid suede. Underneath is the Poron insole is an open sunken cavity into the ball of the foot area filled with Sorbothane to provide additional cushioning.  We have found that 6mm of Poron will achieve incredible comfort that's 3x more than any other high heel on the market today. 

The removable PORON insole is held in by VELCRO Brand hook and loop fasteners so you can take it out and change insole colors. Underneath and streamlined into the shoe a Sorbothane gel insert. We put 4mm of this material under the balls of your feet. It retains 94.7 % of impact while walking. Hopefully, our hammer demonstration in our main video will convince you that this is real comfort. Both materials paired together give you a half inch of cushioning, 5 times more than any high heel shoe on the market today. Watch the next video to see why no other shoe can offer this much cushioning.